Salzburger Heimatwerk

You can find the Salzburger Heimatwerk in the Neue Residenz on the Residenzplatz, right in the middle of the Salzburg old-city where the water fountains coming out of the magnificent fountain Residenzbrunnen have pleased people for centuries.

The Neue Residenz, an impressive renaissance-building with the carillon, is aglow in a wonderful white. Two mighty chestnut trees form with its characteristic arcades the entrée to the Salzburger Heimatwerk.

With a friendly greeting the beautiful advisors, neatly dressed in a Salzburger Dirndl, welcome our guests. A feel-good is spread, yes – here you can feel like home. In the bright, friendly rooms a diverse range of fine cloths, elegant traditional Austrian fashion, regional craftwork, exclusive living design and extraordinary gifts is shown. The small but fine custom tailoring makes clothes of the highest quality.

As a cultural institution the Salzburger Heimatwerk is known as well as popular far over our country’s borders. Exhibitions with the term “Kulturwege” (cultural paths) are platform and stage for creative work. The variety and vividness of the Salzburger traditional clothing is to a good deal thanks to the Salzburger Heimatwerk’s effort and competence. It is also the Salzburger Heimatwerk which is responsible for the yearly and about most famous and popular event in the Salzburger advent season: The Salzburger Advent festival in the “Großes Festspielhaus”, staged for about 36.000 visitors.

Come and visit and experience the Salzburger Heimatwerk at our opening times. With this recommendable Salzburg cultural business and conduct of business the tradition’s energy will be combined with visionary forms in the most beautiful ways.