J&L Lobmeyr

Though Lobmeyr continually focuses on the contemporary interpretation of glass, it has never stopped cultivating its heritage. The old inspires the new, traditional
know-how facilitates innovation.

The fascination about glass? – It is one of the oldest materials mankind understood to shape.
Imagine: You melt some sand and look at the result.” Ted Muehling

The technique of melting quartz sand and shaping objects of enduring cultural value dates back to the fourth century before Christ. The approach to the quality of glass we take foregranted today was slow and careful. Glass has always fascinated mankind. With its transparency, its unique shiny surface and its play with light and reflection, glass has properties otherwise only found in diamonds or rock crystal. This fascination for crystal has been the driving force behind Lobmeyr for almost 200 years. Through six generations the properties of crystal have been tested and researched and its handling and forming possibilities explored. Thus we have learned how to make the magic of the material enduringly visible. We concentrate on the virtuous technical handling of this challenging substance, on lovingly crafted details and subtle shine instead of “loud” glitter. Regardless whether wafer thin blown muslin glass or glass that owes its shape to cutting – Lobmeyr reinstates the beauty of this omnipresent material, bringing elegance and refinement back to everyday life.