Art Advent Kunst & Handwerk am Karlsplatz in Wien

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Arts and Crafts at Karlsplatz
22nd November to 23rd December 2019, 12 noon until 8 p.m. daily

From 22nd November, you’re invited to stroll around, contemplate and taste ART ADVENT –yes, because this year the focus is on pleasure and sustainability. Alongside the usual range of high-quality arts and crafts on offer, there will also be a live cooking theatre with top chef Johann Reisinger, spectacular street theatre, all sorts of live music and a treat for tired shopping-feet – a mobile couch!

Sustainable Enjoyment
divina art has always placed a high value on sustainability, regionality and quality. That's why ART ADVENT is the only Christmas Market in Austria where the catering is 100% organically certified. As part of our emphasis on food sustainability, this year’s event will include a live cooking theatre, where award-winning star chef Johann Reisinger will prepare fantastic meals, assisted by students from the Hertha Firnberg School.

Lively Movement

As well as sensual pleasures, divina art will provide plenty of opportunities for lively movement: kids can romp about in the Straw Landscape and make the rails of the Express Rail Trolley red-hot … Mums, dads, uncles and aunts can use pedal-power to drive the “found-objects carousel”, or shake a leg to the live music. After a rocking start with "The Untouchables", there will be Viennese songs by "Ernst Molden and the Women's Orchestra", followed by a humorous mix of Viennese and American music by "weana & yankee". There will also be crossover musicians including "MoZuluART" and the "Wiener Tschuschenkappelle", among others.

And if you need a rest afterwards, you can take a seat on the "mobile couch" and let the liveried servants show you the unique crafts of our artisans.

Live arts and crafts

Our members will take it in turn to demonstrate the techniques of their craft in the show-workshop.

The results – works made of wood, metal, clay and glass, as well as paintings – can be admired on an enlarged version of the Art Island, which this year will be showcasing the artefacts in a weatherproof room, which will enable paintings, photos and textile art to be exhibited as well. In line with the "A LIVING ROOM" theme, the space becomes a room full of life, a space that’s alive.

A fragrant school project

Viennese children have been invited to create their favourite flower(s) using the great flower painter Georgia O'Keefe as inspiration. All their work will be bound together into an artistic bouquet and exhibited on the School Project Island.

Spectacular Walking Acts and Fire Shows

Soluna Rising will use movement to “tell” an amusing Christmas tale featuring an old Father Christmas, an angel and a "cantankerous" Christmas tree.

And Dreamdancer will create a magical world of fire, hypnotic light and stylish dance movements.

It’s going to be a joyous celebration for young and old.

Divina art's craftspeople are looking forward to seeing you there!


Further information and a full event programme will be available for download from


Renate Jindra
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